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So you want a new kitchen...

So you want a new kitchen? Then maybe your dream kitchen is the one you already have - after we have performed our magic.

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Kitchen Refurbishment

Whatever your motivation is for wanting a new kitchen, a kitchen makeover can be the perfect solution. We can create a beautiful fresh new kitchen using your existing kitchen as our basis. It is cost effective, and environmentally friendly. Why pay more to throw away something that can be given a new lease of life and that you can enjoy once again?

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We refurbish a kitchen by hand painting the existing doors and drawers replacing damaged and broken parts as required. Occasionally we replace the doors.  We use a range of specialist primers and techniques to put a hand painted finish that is hard wearing and easily wiped clean.

A refurbishment is about making what you have work and look better. It is often the little touches, upgrading drawers or fixing a hinge, that make a big difference.  Add in a choice of new work surfaces, maybe granite or oak, with new tiles and worn out appliances and your kitchen is transformed.

If the project involves taking a wall out and changing the shape of the room then there is scope for moving things around. We often suggest changing the function of units, converting one into an effective recycling and waste store, or changing a cupboard to pull out pan drawers.

painted kitchens from the refurbished kitchen company

Using our design expertise we can re-style your existing kitchen, if you need building work, no problem, we can deal with that too. In fact whatever you need, from simple cosmetic updating to a complete re-do we have the expertise to deliver the solution.

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Our Expert Services include:

  • Tiling
  • New flooring
  • New lighting
  • Project management