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Retro Designed Mid Century Kitchens

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Retro and Mid Century Kitchens

Our Mid Century 50's inspired kitchens combine the vibrant colours and curvaceous line of the classic 50's designs with all the technological advancements we expect from a modern kitchen.

retro kitchen, mid century kitchens, 50's designed kitchens The 50's brought us from a time of austerity and rationing into a exciting  forward looking decade, it embraced modernity, the American  lifestyle and hope for a better future, it is no wonder that this time period  is looked to with such fondness. In the past year or so, perhaps inspired by the Royal Jubilee the 50's style has made it back from the fringes of taste right back to the centre ground and can be seen featuring in style magazines both in fashion, accessories and in interior design too.

Our retro inspired kitchens are perfect for the lover of the 50's style, or even those who want the style and colour of no frills modernity, who desire contemporary without the faux country styling or shiny minimalism of so much of kitchen design today.  

Made from quality materials and by British craftsman right here in the UK, this is a kitchen with great credentials.  This vintage inspired kitchen will look great alongside Smeg's 50's inspired fridges and will make a real style statement in any home.    



Features modern soft closing drawers with the retro style of our 50's inspired mid century kitchens

bespoke retro kitchens modern retro style free standing larder units retro and vintage UK  handmade kitchens

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*Our superb offer for a FREE RETRO Fridge with every Retro Kitchen applies to completed orders with a value of  £10,000 or over to qualify.